The Sh*t Simple Rules of DANKMEME

Updated March 16, 2015

PLEASE USE THE REPORT(Sucks!) BUTTON FEATURE. The following are the rules and violating them will likely result in a ban. Report any posts that violate these simple rules:

  1. You must be 13 to use DANKMEME.NET.
  2. ONLY POST HIGH QUALITY CONTENT. The admins are volunteers and have been curated from the top memelord circles on the internet. They reserve the right to delete any sh*t post and ban any troublesome user. Deal with it.
  3. Submit your dank memes to earn fake internet points and prestige. You have a limited number of submissions per day, so make them count. Good ones make the front page.
  4. Be nice to people! Think before commenting.
  5. Honestly we frown on porn here as there are many other superb places for that. If you simply have to post a lewd or unsafe image then you MUST label it as NSFW. Nobody needs that crap popping up at the wrong time.
  6. NO GORE. Seriously not here. Gore = IP ban.
  7. Spam of any kind = IP ban.
  8. If you want your meme to be found with a search then be sure to add a descriptive title and tags when uploading.
  9. Do NOT abuse this free service or it will disappear.
  10. You have lost the game.